Boycott Pork

Hit the Capitalist Pig Where it Hurts

… Why?

… it’s capitalist corruption.. corrodes our democracy.. destroys lives.. poisons our planet.. poisons our people.. abuses it’s workers.. abuses the animals …

kill. eat. why. So many easy alternatives.

… How Simple ..
.. just say “no. thank-you …

homes lost, lives ruined.

.. boycotts work ..
if just 15% of you would
join us.
a great change

multinational Capitalist pigs : own our politicians .. rob us of our democracy .. leave us no options ..

.. WE need YOU … and here are the top 10 reasons .. WHY …

The largest pork producer in the US is Wan Long. He is also the highest paid man in the world. His Chinese company : WH Group : owns Smithfield Foods and a myriad of other brands.

If you eat pork, you eat chinese owned pork.

Wan Long has more influence over our politicians than you do.

:: Boycott Corporate Pork ::

.. if we didn’t feed hogs .. we would have enough land .. to feed the world. :: Boycott Hunger ::

“Antibiotic-resistant bacteria from livestock pose a deadly risk to people. But the farm lobby won’t let scientists track the danger”

:: Boycott Superbugs ::

The hogs in the US produce as much raw sewage as every person in the country combined. Every diseased drop is smeared across our landscape without treatment. Schools, families, businesses all suffer quietly with no recourse.

:: Boycott raw sewage ::

Petro-chemicals used to fertilize crops that’ll feed the hogs, combine with the raw hog sewage to destroy wildlife habitat, destroy recreational opportunities and to create the ever growing “dead zone” in the Gulf of Mexico – destroying the livelihoods of thousands of shrimpers and fisher men and woman.

:: Boycott pollution ::

Animal agriculture releases more greenhouse gasses than all global transport combined.

:: Boycott Global Warming ::

How powerful is the hog industry? Our government is funneling $12,000,000,000 of our tax money to the wealthy corporations that produce the hogs and feed to compensate them for the self induced damage caused by tariffs.

:: Boycott powerful special interests ::

Red meat and preserved meats cause cancer and heart disease.

:: boycott cancer ::
:: boycott heart disease ::

A by-product of eating the flesh of hogs is suffering

:: boycott animal suffering ::

… How Simple .. 
.. just say “No. thank-you … “

There is nothing as easy that would do as much good.
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